Audio/Digital Trainings

Audio Programs

Unpack Your Baggage ($15) – digital download – This audio teaches the Vibrational Release Technique. Experience the relief of letting go of burdensome emotional baggage. Includes a bonus track about managing grief.

Living Your Purpose: How Your Gifts Guide You ($15) – This audio teaches how to begin recognizing your gifts and how they can help you discover and live your purpose. Experience the hope and healing of the obstacles and resistance to fulfilling your mission in life.

Elevate Your Life: An Introduction to the Phrenic System ($15) – This audio teaches about the mental processes that filter our perceptions of life. Experience imprinting new, positive programs to start creating the life you desire.

The 4 Absolutes: Going Deeper into the Phrenic System ($15) – This teaches a deeper understanding of the Phrenic System and the core truths that help determine the quality of our lives. Experience clearer perspectives regarding your value, power, safety and purpose in your life.

Digital Content

Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live ($10) – PDF – Life Above the Line is a book that introduces the personal development and healing principles and techniques of the PERFECT Healing System. Learn how to:

  • Heal physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Rebuild your health comprehensively
  • Increase your peace and happiness
  • Eliminate Negative thoughts
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Resolve generational patterns
  • Discover your gifts and purpose
  • Create the life you truly desire

The techniques are simple, but their effects are life-changing.

*The paperback is available for $19.97 plus shipping through the link below and on Amazon.

**The audiobook is available for $19.97 upon request. Please email with your request.

Serve Love & Lift Your World ($25) – Live performance from Awaken Your Brilliance 2019. Enjoy uplifting original music and messages of hope and healing in this live audio performance. Experience your own healing as you listen to the audience gain relief from their burdens.

Serve, Love, Lift demo CD ($10) – digital download – Enjoy the soothing sounds of the pacific with these unique and uplifting ukulele songs by Tiffany Garvin, the creator of LIFT and Life Above the Line. Songs include several originals as well as Aloha Oe.

*For any problems with your purchase, please contact us HERE.

What people say

Life Above the Line book

“Life Above the Line is a book completely in harmony with what I know to be true. I am so pleased to receive simple yet powerful instructions and reminders to help my body and health ‘return to its original design’. In daily life it is easy to be negative, say negative things to ourselves and listen to ‘shoulder angels’ holding us back. I’m making a conscious change in the things I’ll say to myself because of this book. As the author states, ‘…our intention gives (the words) the powerful shifts in our lives and bodies.’ A must read!!!”  
~ Ann-Marie Lewis, Sweden

Release technique class

“Today I woke up feeling emotional and overwhelmed. After this short class and one simple technique I feel calm, confident and empowered to help myself.”
~ Alyce Jeppesen, Idaho

Serve, Love, Lift CD

“Such a soothing and encouraging listen.”
~ Lori Loughtaling

“This sounds amazing!!!
~”Don’t Be a Square Peg”, YouTube

Unpack Your Baggage

“I love your book! Thanks for adding tools to my arsenal! My favorite part of [Unpack Your Baggage] is that bonus track on grief. I was able to heal something I didn’t even realize I was still grieving!! Thank you!!”
~Jen Howard, Idaho

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