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We empower people to gain self-mastery over their mental and emotional health. We all have the innate ability to help ourselves overcome internal battles for peace, health, and joy, however we don’t all know how to access it. This seems like something we would learn as children, just as we learn to walk, talk and eat, but we don’t. Some of us do manage to develop this ability to manage these inner battles, but most of us struggle. If we are willing to explore and take the time to develop the skills of mental and emotional self-mastery, we have the potential to improve the quality of our lives as much as any basic life skill we use on a daily basis and eventually fulfill our purpose in life.

The world needs a lift. Spreading this message of hope to lift ourselves and to help lift others will lift the world. This work is simple and profound, and when we add it to our intention to help others, thinking about them and serving them, it becomes profoundly transforming. We all need to lift and be lifted. As we work together and build a community, even a movement, we benefit from a supportive environment. 

The skills we teach for personal well-being use our intention focused internally to help us heal and overcome challenges. As we focus our efforts externally to lift others, we impact their experience with us subtly in energy and obviously in our intention-influenced behaviors. Watch this short video to get started. For more helpful videos, check out Tiffany Garvin’s YouTube Channel.

The Vibrational Release technique by Tiffany Garvin.

There are several ways to help lift the world. People around us can feel our intention to spread hope, love, and goodness. We can smile at someone. We can say hi. We can give encouragement. We can reassure. We can look someone in the eye. We can lend a helping hand. We can say thank you. We can share this tool with someone. However we decide to lift, we can make a positive difference in someone’s life. We can make an energetic shift in the world.

It’s time to dream and create the life we truly desire!

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